What’s Happening @ WTD?






 Self-Service Hours:
Monday- Friday
Tuesdays 5pm-9pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm
*Last wash is an hour before closing.

Grooming Hours:
Thursday-Monday 9am-5pm
Groomers Days Off Are Tuesday & Wednesday’s

For self serve, no appointment is needed, its first come first serve.
For full service grooming, please call or email us for for appointments. 253-841-9988
Visit our Service/Rates page for pricing


At WTD we get a lot of questions about dogs:

Will bathing “too often” dry out my dogs skin? Every dog (just like people) have different types of skin. The great thing about our shampoos at WTD is that they are “Everyday” shampoos. We look for the most natural, low suds, and bio-degradable shampoos and conditioners to help clean and re-hydrate the skin and coat.
Here’s a great link about how often you should or shouldnt wash your dog
Why do my dog’s nails get so long? A big reason is your dog doesn’t walk on hard surfaces often enough to keep them worn down. You should have them checked at least once a month. Walking on pavement will help wear them down naturally.
 Does my dog get bored with their food? (Food is a big one) the answer is, No! Some people will switch back and forth or feed them low quality foods making their dogs hair and skin oily, itchy, and flaky. Stick with one high quality food and I guarantee most of your dogs issues will be gone. Their taste buds aren’t like ours, they do not get bored.


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